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UBS WIN :- Hello friends!! The name of this game is Ubs Win App !! Today again I have come to tell you the best way to earn money sitting at home. Play This game for only 2 hours in a day and earn millions of month and get money transfer in your bank account soon. A UBS RUMMY APK is very reliable safe and easy game. In this game only you have to run your fingers and earn money. Ways to earn money, we talk further in detail.

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This is an Indian game which is such an application that you can earn money by playing your mobile online game, here you just have to run your fingers and earn money by playing like Rummy and Teen Patti. Not only this, you will be very happy to know that in addition to games like Teen Patti / Rummy Game, you will get to play many more games, which we will talk about further.

App Name :Ubs Win App
Publisher :Game
App Size :38 MB
Version of App :Latest
Sign Up Bonus :Rs. 36
Referral Code :Not Available
Referral Commission :0.6% + 0.4% = 1%


How to Get ₹36 Bonus in UBS WIN APP ?

You are also given ₹36 free bonus here, to get which you will have to verify your mobile. And your new account will have to be created. How is that, as soon as the game is open, your game will automatically open in the play guest. Then you will have to verify your mobile number by going to your profile and you will get a bonus of ₹36. Which we will talk about in detail later.

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How To Create Account in UBS WIN APP

You have downloaded the game, now install the game and open the game, your game will automatically open from the play guest, but it is very important to verify the mobile number to earn money by playing the game. Let’s talk further in detail.

  • First of all open the game, you will get a bonus of ₹5. To get the bonus of ₹31, mobile will have to be verified.
  • Open your profile, the button of the phone will come below, click on it and enter the number and click on OTP.
  • OTP will come in your mobile, enter it and generate the password and verify it by clicking on confirm.
  • After all these procedures, your new account will be created and ₹ 36 extra bonus will be received.

Supported Games in Win UBS APK

Here you will get to play total 26 games so that you will also enjoy playing and you can earn more and more money by playing different games.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Dragon vs tiger
  4. Win Go
  5. 7Up Down
  6. Car Roulette
  7. Andar Bahar
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Matka
  10. Baccarat
  11. BTI Sports
  12. 12.Best of Five
  13. Warcraft Roulette
  14. Red vs Black
  15. Black Jack
  16. 10 Cards
  17. Evolution
  18. PUBG
  19. Fruit
  20. 20.Dual of The sea King
  21. Deep sea Awakening
  22. Zoo Roulette
  23. Roulette
  24. Fruit Line
  25. Andar Bahar Go
  26. Aviator

How to download UBS Rummy APK

If you are interested to get this game and want to download, then Download Now!! You can download the game from the official website of UBS BET WIN APP in your mobile’s chrome/browser by clicking on the button soon. Now we talk further in the next topic.


How to Refer & Earn in UBS WIN APP ?

If your friend is also fond of Rummy Game, then you should also tell him to download and play this game, I am telling this because you will benefit a lot in this, I am explaining to you…

In UBS BET WIN APP, you will see the icon of refer & earn in the corner of the left said, touch there, a good page will open in front of you. Below in this page, you will be seeing the link of your game, which you must have understood. Below that you will get 5 such options like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, copy & send and more. Whatever social media application you use in your mobile, send the link to all your friends from the application, whichever you feel is right.

You tell your friends to download and play UBS Teen Patti App from your sent link, what will be your advantage in that if one of your friends downloads UBS BET WIN APP and opens it, then you will get ₹5 bonus. If the winning friend downloads from your link and plays by adding cash to it, then you will get 0.6% + 0.4% commission for that too. Now tell me what is the benefit….

How To Add Cash in UBS WIN APP ?

There will be many players here that they will not enjoy playing the game in less money, they have a habit of playing with more money, but you should also take a little care because money cannot be won from the game every time, sometimes you can also lose. And you can also do a lot of damage, so play carefully.

If you want to add money, then in the UBS BET WIN APP, you will see the icon of add case in the bottom right, click on it. It happens that every time some offer is running, but you must be wondering how to add money, then as you click on the icon with the add case, you will see the option of other amount, click there and as much as you want. You can add as much as you can add at least ₹100 and maximum up to ₹20000

You select the amount according to you, then as soon as you pay the add case below, you have to fill the details of the bank account from which you or your friend have to add money, which is a very easy way, so you can do it according to your own and your game in two minutes. Money will be added to UBS BET WIN APP and the game offer is going on, according to that you will also get your bonus, now let’s go ahead….

How to Withdraw in UBS WIN APP ?

You have started earning lakhs a day from UBS BET WIN APP, but now you must be thinking that I teach it how to come out….

Some people will be a little intelligent that if they have to know how to withdraw money, then they will street me in their mind, don’t go and teach your father, I come. But I can teach those who do not know how to withdraw money from Teen Patti UBS.

How To Redeem ?

Withdrawing money from UBS Rummy APK is very easy. What you have to do is that you will see a withdraw icon on the right side of the add cash in the game (withdrawing money means it is called withdraw) Now you click on there. On clicking, you will see the option of withdraw amount, put the amount you want to withdraw, then click on withdraw below.

Summery :-

My friends explained to you about Rummy East game through this post that how we can earn thousands of daily income. So now download the game from our link and play.

I hope that you will not have any problem in understanding my post, if it has come, then forgive me, I will try to explain to you more and more, you have read our post till the end, I am very grateful to you.

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Question 1 : How much is the Sign-Up Bonus available in UBS WIN APP ?
Answer : Sign-Up Bonus ₹36 is available in UBS Rummy APK.

Question. 2 : What is the minimum withdrawal in UBS WIN APP ?
Answer : The Minimum withdrawal is ₹200 in in UBS Rummy APK.

Question. 3 : When was Rummy Buddy Link Launched?
Answer : UBS Rummy APK is 2022 Launch.

Question. 4 : What is the maximum Withdrawal in UBS WIN APP ?
Answer : There is ₹50,000 maximum withdrawal limit.

Question. 5 : Can we use Multiple Account in UBS WIN APP ?
Answer : UBS Rummy APK has not been launched yet, so you guys will not be able to use more accounts in it at all, this application was launched earlier but later it has been removed.

Question. 6 : How many games are available in UBS WIN APP ?
Answer : Total 26 games are available in UBS Rummy APK.

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